Final Imperial IRWMP: Vol. 1 & 2


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Imperial Region Planning Environment

Chapter 3: Governance, Stakeholder Involvement & Outreach

Chapter 4: Region Description & Baseline Conditions

Chapter 5: Supply, Demand & Water Budget

Chapter 6: Review of Resource Management Strategies

Chapter 7: Increase Water Supply

Chapter 8: Reduce Water Demand – Increase Water Use Efficiency

Chapter 9: Improve Flood Management

Chapter 10: Improve Water Quality

Chapter 11: Practice Resources Stewardship & Other Strategies

Chapter 12: Review of Project, Program/Policy & Funding Alternatives

Chapter 13: Implementation Plan

Chapter 14: Measuring Plan Performance & Data Management

Table of Figures

List of Tables


VOLUME 2: Appendices

Table of Contents

App. A: Governance & Plan Adoption

App. B: Desalination/Groundwater Development Feasibility Study

App. D: Historical & Future Demands

App. G: Drain Water Volume

App. H: Treatment Plants – Cost Model

App. J: IID Supporting Guidelines for the
Determination of Wholesale Water Sustainability

App. K: Ranking & Evaluation Criteria

App. L: Imperial Irrigation District Power Plant Water Use Evaluation

App. M: Groundwater Blending Analysis

App. N: IID Capital Projects

App. O: Vulnerability to Climate Change &
Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

App. Q: Imperial IRWMP Stakeholder Assessment

App. R: Public Comments to Imperial IRWMP Public Review Draft of July 2012

Please Note: Appendices C, E, F, I, & P are intentionally omitted from the Final Imperial IRWMP, see VOLUME 2: Appendices Table of Contents for details.

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