Stakeholder groups are agencies and organizations that engage in governance and decision-making and/or have an investment in Imperial water forum decisions and actions. Water forum membership, which is made of up stakeholder-group designated representatives (or alternates), is to be as inclusive as possible to ensure broad representation and accommodate a diversity of perspectives.

Major stakeholder representative functions:

  • Provide primary input in the water forum development of Imperial IRWMP

    • Identify goals, objectives and scope

    • Identify and prioritize projects, programs and policies

    • Create workgroups to address specific issues

  • Endorse/adopt the Imperial IRWMP

  • Stakeholders provide primary input into the development of the Imperial IRWMP through the water forum

  • The water forum is open to all stakeholders groups

 Participation in the Water Forum

  • Stakeholder group representative/alternate:

    • Represents the group’s interest

    • Commits fully to participate in the water forum

    • Commits fully to participate in workgroups (if appropriate)

  • Interested parties provide input during public comment period and consist of:

    • Imperial region residents

    • Consultants

    • Media representatives

    • State and federal agencies

  • Water Forum meetings are open to the public